Bet6ting Strategies for No Limit

With everything that a player has to consider and plan for in the game, a lot of times the No Limit betting strategies are left out. That is a mistake, because by giving more thought to how much you should be betting, instead of just reacting to what your opponent did, you will increase the cash that you can win.

A No Limit betting strategy should first consider the player's temperament. If you sense that the player is loose or on the verge of a tilt, expect him to call and raise more often. For this reason, you should increase the amount that you bet, for you will definitely get a response.

There is no standard rule for betting tactics of course, but if you are in a $3/6 game, a good No Limit strategy when holding a premium hand is to bet five times the big blind pre flop. This move will cause other players to fold, giving you the pot outright. If the table is loose, then you will get a lot of players to re raise. If you are certain that you have the nuts, then re raise.

Most of the time, the players will realize that you have the nuts and fold. By this time they will have built up the pot quite a lot, so having them fold is exactly what you want.

Even if some very loose players insist on going into the flop with you, having a premium hand, and eliminating the other players, increases your chances of obtaining a good draw. The fact that the remaining players are likely loose means they will just draw with anything.

If you are holding something smaller, like pocket pairs in the flop, consider betting a smaller amount. This will get the other No Limit players to put more money into the flop. This will also allow you to see the cards more cheaply, and at the same time, allow you to build up your hand.

When playing, it is vital that your No Limit strategy include aspect of how much to bet. The fact is that a lot of players base their actions on what their opponents have.

You should instead factor in the kind of hand that you hold, along with the way the other No Limit players play. By adapting this strategy, you will be able to extract a lot of money, and more than recoup the amount that you had bet.