Advanced Limit Holdem Strategies

As you move on to the higher stakes and levels, it is important that you become familiar with the other Limit Holdem strategies that will be necessary to win the pot. Some of these concepts include the following.

Among the most useful is the free card. This option is something that becomes available to you when you are in last position and make a raise. This Limit Holdem strategy will usually result in your other opponents checking. On the turn, this will not only allow you to see the card at no cost, but also bet if you make the draw, or check if you come up empty.

Another Limit Holdem strategy that you can employ is the check raise. Assuming that you are under the gun and holding a J9. The flop shows a 9, giving you a pair. You check, the other players in the middle position check and the one on the button bets. Now you raise.

The idea here is that with a raise, you can make drawing the other Limit Holdem cards expensive, which is what you need since a 99 is not strong enough to win the pot usually. However, even if you get called, you have obtained the necessary information to know the strength of your opponents' hands.

Semi bluffing is a Limit Holdem strategy that is also used quite frequently by the pros. If you are holding a JT and you get a Q-6-9, and it gives you a flush draw. You make a bet, because even if you get called, you still have the chance for the flush and also have a chance to win if the J or T appears on the turn or river.

Yet another aspect of the game that you will want to consider in your Limit Holdem strategy will be the outs. This simply refers to the number of cards that you have left to make your hand. If you are holding a suited hand and the flop gives you a couple more, you still have nine outs left.

Of course, these cards could be in your opponents' hands, so you need to make sure to read them well, and check if they are also making a draw for the flush. As in all Limit Holdem tactics, the way you assess your opponents is very crucial.

These strategies can go a long way towards helping you play against other opponents. Of course applying these Limit Holdem strategies will take a little while, but with patience you will find yourself making a lot of money.