Pointers for Poker Tourney Newbies

When Poker tourneys are mentioned, the image that comes to the mind of most players is that of winning the millions. It is true that one can win that amount, but if you are going to play that event, you will have to take into account other factors first.

One of the fundamental things that you will have to know about Poker tourneys is that you cannot measure your success rate in the same way that you do in a cash game. The fact is that you will have to enter quite a number of events before you can win. For this reason, you must not only have a bankroll sufficient to handle this, but also you must be more patient.

The second essential fact that you will have to know is that the chips that you hold comprise a different value. The fact is that in a Poker tourney, they will serve as your means for playing on. For this reason accumulating them will be less about having more dollars but, at the early stage, more about having enough so you can advance to the later tables.

The way you play the game will also be different. The reason is that the hand requirements will be much steeper, particularly at the early point. For instance, in cash games you can play a lot of medium pairs and suited connectors and get away with a pot. In a Poker tourney, you will have to fold more hands and wait for the high pairs.

There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that loose and aggressive players will call more often. In a Poker tourney, you simply cannot take the same kind of risks you would in a normal cash game. For this reason, one of the biggest adjustments that you will make is that of being disciplined enough to wait.

Remember, you enter a a tournament to win money, not have fun. Waiting for the high hands is not exciting, but it is something that you will have to do to make it to the money.

There are a lot of things that one must know about Poker tourneys in order to play the event well. The facts mentioned above are just some of the most pertinent.

You should incorporate these concepts into your overall plans so that you will be able to not only have better understanding, but also gain strategic advantages over the other Poker players in the tournament.