Jackpots with the Wild Joker

Superficial consideration would make it seem that, with only one wild card added, the opening requirements are not greatly changed.

Actually, Jackpots with the Wild Joker is a complicated variation, much trickier than many variations played with several wild cards.

The fact that there is only one wild card amplifies its importance. Estimating your chances before the draw is a two-phase operation based on this question: Is it probable that the Joker is in one of your opponent's hands?

Position becomes extremely important; like in this example: Snuffy deals, Grub checks. Say, you hold A A K six two - bet or check?

Grub has checked suggests he does not hold the Joker. There are six players after you, and they hold a total of thirty cards - more than half of the deck.

It is probable that one of them holds the Joker. Therefore, you, lacking the Joker, should check with your pair of A's.

In a game with eight hands, when you are in a position where it is probable somebody due to to act after you holds the Joker, DO NOT open the betting with anything less than triplets.

The sixth seat is critical. If the sixth, seventh, or eighth seat, you may open with one pair of A's, or one pair of K's and a side A.

Next, say, Grub deals, and you hold Joker J seven four two. Bet, or check? Bet. Holding the Joker, open in any position if it makes one pair of J's or better.

3Tad deals. Moose, Snuffy, and Grub check, and you hold A A Q Q four. Bet, or check? Check. You need triplets or better to open in this position, when you lack the Joker.

4This time, you deal. The others check around to you. You hold 10 10 five five A - bet, or check? Fold. Do Not stay with two short pairs in this variation under any circumstances.

8Along with you, the stayers are: Fonz, who opened the betting, and Grub. Fonz draws three. Grub draws two. You hold Spade 10 nine, Heart five two, and the Joker. How do you draw?

Keep the Spade 10 nine along with the Joker, and draw two. Any K Q K J, Q J, Q eight, eight seven, eight sic, or seven six will give you a straight.

Any 10 or nine will give you triplets. Any other pair will make triplets with your Joker. And there are some long shots: any two Spades will give you a flush; any 10 nine will give you a full house; any pair of 10's or nine's will give you four of a kind.